About Us

Brief History

The Walsall Astronomical Society has been in existence since 1990, when it first met at the Shelfield School in Walsall.

The school closed down after a fire in August 1996, after which the club eventually started meeting at the Rushall Olympic Football Club, which continues to this day.


Walsall Astronomical Society is a member of the Federation of Astronomical Societies (FAS) and the Midland Federation of Astronomical Societies (MidFAS).


We own several telescopes, including a 12 inch Dobsonian, a 10 inch Schmidt Cassegrain, two Hydrogen Alpha Solar Scopes and also a few smaller scopes for beginners to use. Club members also use their own scopes, with the largest currently being a 24 inch apertured Dobsonian.

Club Activities

The club meets every Thursday evenings at the Rushall Olympic Football Club

We also have talks on the very first Thursday of every month, where we have invited guest speakers presenting a specialist topic. We've had talks given by presenters from the BBC Sky at Night programme, scientists from CERN, European Space Agency, scientists involved in the Cassini-Huygens space mission to Saturn, professors, astrophotographers/imagers and lots more.

We also participate in public observing events on Barr Beacon, to witness eclipses, planetary transits and meteor showers. 

To get away from light pollution in the West Midlands, the club often hold 'Star Parties' which involve camping or caravanning, either to our favourite site on the Welsh border (only around 60 miles away) or to the national events held in Lincolnshire, Yorkshire, Wales or Scotland.

Our members have also chased solar eclipses in Cornwall, Turkey, Libya, China, Sinai and Zimbabwe.

For more information on events please visit our Events page.